• 6 Pocket Home Wall Hanging Storage Bag

    950.00 800.00

    6 Pocket Home Wall Hanging Storage Bag

    Design and color may vary

  • 8 person Picnic Set 85 Pieces

    7,000.00 5,500.00

    8 person picnic set – 85 pieces
    Cutlery,plates,cups and tableware all contained in a compact clear plastic box. Box comes with airtight lock lid.
    Box comes with a sturdy handle that makes it easy and comfortable to carry for long distances.
    Fine quality , made for long-lasting use.
    Easy to clean.

    1 x gravy serving spoon
    1 x rice serving spoon
    8 x spoon
    8 x knives
    8 x forks
    1 x cutlery container box
    1 x airtight lock container small
    1 x airtight lock container with removable partitions
    1 x grater
    2 x slat and pepper shakers
    1 x glass condiment/sauce/dressing bottle
    8 x drinking cups
    1 x large serving tray
    8 x bowls
    1 x large rectangular colander
    8 x soup plates
    8 x rice plates
    8 x bread plates
    3 x bread trays

  • 9″ Square Roasting Pan or Baking Oven Tray Non Stick

    620.00 490.00

    This square roasting or baking pan is ideal for cooking delicious treats for your family and friends. Non-stick coated baking tray is light and simple to use.

    • Food safe materials
    • Great for even baking
    • Lightweight & versatile
    • Dimensions: 23cm or 9″ inch(L) x 5cm or 2″ inch(Deep) Outside 10 inch
    • Price mentioned for 1 unit


  • Acrylic Handy Juicer

    1,200.00 970.00


    Size   length 18   Width 12.5   Height 10.5

    Color May Vary

    Brand : Limon

  • Anti-heat Home Using Iron Cloth Cover

    500.00 390.00
    • 100% Brand New And High Quality
    • The revolutionary new iron cloth is non flammable and heat resistant.
    • It avoids shine and scorching by creating a vacuum between the cloth and the garment.
    • For best results place over the garment, set iron to required temperature.
    • For delicate fabrics set iron on wool setting.Size: about 36*58cm
  • Basket Small Bamboo With Steel Handle

    850.00 590.00


    Size   length 28   Width 16   Height 7.5

  • Blade Brush Knife and Cutlery Cleaner

    650.00 500.00

    Clean your knives safely with this innovative washing-up brush. The wrap-around design lets you clean both sides of your cutlery at once while keeping your fingers away from sharp edges.

    • Clean sharp blades safely
    • Unique, wrap-around design cleans both sides at once
    • Opposed bristles for effective cleaning
    • Textured handgrip
    • Wash by hand
  • Cabinet Dustbin

    1,100.00 890.00


    Size   length 20   Width 19   Height 19

    Brand: Limon

    Color: Light pink and white

  • Cake Decorating Spatula 3 Pieces Cream Icing Spatula Scraper Cake Angled Knives Sets(6/8/10 inch) (6 inch)

    900.00 720.00
    • High Quality: Made of food-grade stainless steel and Premium Quality ABS materials. The handle is long enough to keep the hand away from the cream. Components are tightly bound and reliable. The set can be used for a long time.
    • Include the most common use size (6, 8, 10 inches) of angled icing spatula. They would absolutely do a great job no matter used for decorating a large cake or small cupcake.
    • The ergonomic wood handle with hole of these angled icing spatula is lightweight and feel very comfortable to grip in your hand. The hole make it easy to hang and storage.
    • Feature flexible and Durable high quality stainless-steel blades, perfect for icing desserts, frosting pastry, cookies, crepes, pies & cupcakes, picking up and carrying cakes or pizzas, sandwiches, even cutting curds.
    • Flexible, stainless steel blade and plastic nonslip handle; Cake DIY tools, easy to use; Thin, flexible blade is designed to glide smoothly across the top and sides of your cake; 3 size angled spatulas, can be applied to different situations.
  • Can and Bottle Opener

    910.00 780.00

    Can and Bottle Opener

  • Cordless Outdoor Motion Sensor LED Light

    • 7 super bright LEDs
    • Detects motion up to 10′ away
    • 4 AA batteries to operate(not included)
    • Keep nearly any path to your home or office visible and well lit at night with the Trademark Global Cordless Outdoor Motion Sensor LED Light. This device provides an easy way to brighten up an area without installing permanent lighting. Battery operation removes the need to run extension cords or other wiring. The white finish also coordinates easily with other decor and fixtures. This convenient outdoor motion cordless sensor light detects movement happening up to 10′ away, which triggers the activation of an array of seven bright LEDs. A pivoting head allows these to be adjusted to any angle, directing illumination to optimal effect. They stay lit for 30 seconds when motion is detected so you have time to scan the surroundings. Mounting hardware is included with this weather-resistant outdoor light for placing it on a wall or another location.
      • Has 7 super bright LEDs that can be adjusted to any angle
      • Weather resistant
      • Works both indoors and outdoors
      • Detects motion up to 10′ away
      • Stays lit for 30 seconds
      • No plug-in cords required
      • Cordless sensor light needs 4 AA batteries to operate (not included)
      • Mounting hardware included in the package
      • Weather-resistant outdoor light dimensions: 5″L x 5″W x 6″H
  • Cutlery Drawer Organizer

    1,340.00 1,080.00

    Size: 39.8 x 11.4 x 5.8 cm

    Net Weight: 427g

    Available Colors: Grey / White

    Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. Cutlery Drawer Organizer

    SPACE-SAVING DESIGN – Its ergonomic design allows you to stack multiple cutlery in a single organizer, thus frees up room for all your other utensils and gadgets in the drawer.

    CUTLERY ICONS – Each slot comes with debossed cutlery icons to make it easier for you to identify which utensil fits in each compartment.

    2-WAY INSERTION – Its unique design allows you to insert cutlery either head or handle first – the choice is your

    • NON-SLIP BASE – Equipped with non-slip feet on the base to stop the organizer from sliding around in your drawer, keeping your utensils secure and in place.
    • FITS MOST DRAWERS – Its sleek build makes it an ideal organizer for any drawer with an 8cm minimum height.
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